What our clients have to Say

I am writing to inform you that I have known Jim Thompson for the past 30 years, and have found him to be an intelligent, considerate and helpful person, who takes great pride in not only conducting his business in a successful manner, but taking pride in giving back to the community by volunteering his expert advise and resources to clean up environmental problems which have resulted by natural causes and other unnatural accidents.

My position as Deputy Fire Chief and Fire Marshal of the City of St. Louis put me in a position to observe how his employees who he trained functioned in emergency clean-up situations. Additionally, it was one of my functions to certify individuals and companies through written testing and interview to perform the removal of underground petroleum storage tanks and the clean-up resulting from leaks. I personally certified Mr. Thompson to remove tanks and handle spills and petroleum leakage in the City of St. Louis.

As the past president of the Society of Fire Protection engineers in the City of St. Louis and as Asst. Director of the City of St. Louis Local Planning Committee which was established by SARA, Mr. Thompson made numerous presentations to both of these organizations and volunteered his company as a resource in case of a chemical emergency or any other type of catastrophic incident..

While I was involved in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s as Fire Marshal and Asst. Emergency Manager for the City of St. Louis, Mr. Thompson made himself available to us in the time of any emergency situation and we were able to count on his valuable support.

Socially Mr. Thompson was involved with an organization known as the St. Louis Ambassadors for many years. This was a prestigious organization which the Mayors of the City established to promote the reputation of the City and upon which he relied for advise in assisting with city problems.

Everything I have witnessed Mr. Thompson do, I would say he has done well and I would have confidence in his ability to perform any type of cleanup situation.

George F. Jenkerson

Dep.Chief/Retired St.Louis Fire Department

Two years ago, you provided a large loss course for my company. Although I appreciated the training at the time, I didn’t understand the value of the course until recently.

In August this year, we had a weather event resulting in over 36” of water in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas in less than 24 hours. This storm caused flooding that affected over 100,000 homes and businesses including 3 school districts.

During the storm, I was in communication with the risk manager for the hardest hit school district. As soon as I could access the area I went onsite to meet with her and her team to access the damage to their schools. With the water still in some areas they anticipated 25 of their campuses and over 200 buildings had damage.

After assessing, I was in communication with my teams across the country planning their mobilization and how we could tackle this project. I had 3 other companies come in and partner with my company to handle this massive loss. Once all the teams were in the area, we divided the project sites up by area. After 4 weeks of working every day, 18 – 24 hours a day, we reopened 22 of the 25 schools.

The time you spent with me and my team brought a level of understanding and confidence in managing this size loss. With this experience behind us and the foundation of your course, I feel confident we can handle any size loss around in the future. Thank you for the insight and knowledge you shared with us!

Shawn Folks

Guarantee Restoration Services CEO

For the past 31 years, I have been an adjuster for a large worldwide insurance company. I deal with large multi million dollar losses on a daily basis, and employ many outside consultants to aid me in my duties to measure these large losses for the Insurance Company and to promptly and accurately indemnify the Insured for any losses suffered under the terms of the Insurance policy applicable.

I have worked with Mr. Thompson on numerous occasions since I first met him about 25 years ago. have employed his expertise in dehumidification, cleaning, and mold control. I have also employed him as a consultant on a large mold remediation loss recently.

Mr. Thompson is most knowledgeable in the area of mold remediation, drying and general disaster cleanup activities. He is, in my estimation, an expert in these fields, employing the most state of the art equipment and techniques known for these operations. He has aided both me and my Insured’s in the mitigation of damages from many a catastrophe.

Besides being actively involved in the above activities, he also gives seminars on the “art” of mold remediation, cleaning and dehumidification. He is well regarded in the mold abatement industry for his knowledge and expertise in this area. His seminars not only explain the methods employed to adequately remediate a project, but also explain the remediation methods used in detail for a particular project, as to what mold is, why it forms, how to arrest it, and how to adequately abate/remove it. He has numerous designations associated with mold remediation, disaster cleaning and dehumidification.

Mr. Thompson is also always looking for new advanced and improved methods to treat these problems. He understands the needs of his business, and knows how to research and determine needed improvements to the techniques he employs. He actively researches new techniques and remains current in the field of mold abatement and dehumidification. By his diligence in these efforts, he remains a “state of the art” mold remediation and disaster cleanup consultant/contractor in a rapidly changing industry.

J.E. Rastorfer Jr.

RPA General Adjuster FMGiobai/St. Louis Operations-Adjustment

“Jim: You are definitely an amazing man. The one thing that I noticed is your love for your wife and family and that is a true sign of your character. I loved your stories you told and getting to know you was just as interesting as learning about how to sell and handle commercial loss.

I know during the entire class that you were very concerned about if we were learning anything and if you had the wheels spinning. I will say that WOW I was so impressed. What you taught us is all I can think about, after I took you to the airport which I was impressed that the learning did not stop in class. Why I say this is because when we arrived at the airport you had mentioned to me how would you clean that glass on the catwalk? Well my first instinct was to do this with my crew and then what you explained to me made perfect sense. I love the way that you continued to quiz

me right to the end when we parted ways. I want you to know that you really hold a special place in my company and heart! You are an amazing person and I am truly grateful for all you taught us. If you are ever in NH and need anything please call me I am always around and would return the favor you have shared with us. Thank you so much Jim for being part of our lives and your class will be carried on from this day forward! I was so impressed with your class that I even came back to the office after dropping you off on Saturday and stayed for 4 hours reviewing all the information and putting together our game plan as I was so inspired by what you had taught us! I will be calling on you to help with our first couple of loss’s and I don’t mind paying the money that we have spent so far is well worth the investment! If you want to share this with anyone please know you have my full approval and I will be sending people your way! Your class in one word, AMAZING!!!

Up until last year I was afraid of attempting to process large losses. Like most restorers my fear was based on the unknowns associated with large losses; who to market my services too, how to find support and how to write estimates that even the toughest Forensic Accountants would easily approve and expedite payment on.

After attending Jim Thompson’s marketing large loss class, I gained the knowledge and confidence to take on losses of any size. So, if you want to enter the large loss space, I would highly encourage you to also attend Jim’s class and yes it is well worth the time and cost.

Not only does Jim pull back the curtain revealing how he built a national Disaster recovery business, but he also shares who to contact, best practices regarding large loss work, what to say to the influencers associated with large facilities and most importantly he shows you how to get paid in a timely manner”.

Ivan Turner
Owner-Disaster Brigade

“Jim is a great guy. His stories were relevant, yet brings back memories of the old days. Thanks for letting me attend!. I liked Jim’s energy, knowledge, experience and how he conveys his stories on real world large loss experiences”.

“I have absolutely enjoyed every day with the instructor (Jim) and the class. Thank you for sharing your experience. I liked everything about your workshop.We had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you for sharing some of the secrets of your success, as I cannot wait to implement what I learned this past week.”

“I hired Jim Thompson as a consultant in the field of Mitigation/Structural Drying. While in town, Jim gave much valuable data as regards the field of Mitigation/Structural Drying. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is already in this field and looking to expand. Jim once operated a large Mitigation Company. His years of experience are of much value to anyone looking to get into the commercial side of this business.

Tim Doucette
Worry Free Restoration

I cannot thank you enough for the training and information you provided during your visit to our facilities in March 2012. It is rare that I have paid for a high dollar consultant and found that I got more value than expected!

Jim completely changed my viewpoint as regards of how to expand into commercial mitigation. If you are planning on doing this, you need to hire Jim before you set out on a course as the data he has will help you to expand more quickly and also in the right direction.

I am so grateful for the time you have spent with us. I am looking forward to continuing to work together on this new line of business and look forward to our next meeting, whether at the next conference or on a large loss for which we can use your on-site expertise.

Thank you again for transferring your years of knowledge and experience. You have saved us thousands of hours of learning and showed us the right way to be successful in the crowded and unique large loss business.

For many years I have known Jim Thompson and have used his disaster cleanup services.

Hurricane Charlie took the roof off our 11 million cubic foot Orlando Distribution Center. It also dumped massive amounts of rain that inundated our facility and stock. I called Jim Thompson & Company and he responded immediately.

Upon arrival, Thompson employees worked around the clock to save our stock and help keep us in business. We were able to continue delivering our products to our clients.

Storm after storm pounded the Orlando area, each new storm tearing the temporary roof off and dumping more water into the facility. Thompson and his crew continued to clean it up and dry it out.

When Hurricane Francis hit, Jim Thompson and Company stayed at the facility during the storm and pumped out water and continued to dry out the facility. This saved millions in stock and allowed us to continue our operation.

We appreciate the efforts of Jim and his crew. They did an outstanding job and we would recommend them if you ever need their services.

THANK YOU! For the opportunity to help on the Kentucky insurance claim. I think we all learn something in regards to how and what about restoring the more we work on these larger jobs. Congratulations on landing this job and finishing it up. After talking with dad the next time we land a job like this we can take on restoring everything. Professionals get big bucks for what they know. Again, THANKS for everything; it was good seeing you again Jim. Have a good year!

Lloyd Weaver, Jr.

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise for the PLRB National Mold Symposium. We have many positive comments that there was a lot of valuable information shared and great networking opportunities. We appreciate your efforts to create such informative and interesting programs for the nearly 1,000 attendees.

Again, we appreciate your work to make the PLRB National Mold Symposium successful. We look forward to working with you again.


Please accept my appreciation for your integral role in managing our recent disaster. You have helped make this a wonderful experience. You and your company have been very easy to work with and have made this occurrence as easy as possible! Great Job!

Hospital Administrator

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given me over the years and to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you.  You have always put Wal Mart first in business and whenever we needed your company, you were always there.

Wal Mart Risk Management Team