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Loss & Restoration Consulting

Including Toronado, fire, flood and other natural and man made disasters.


Expert Witness

Jim is one of the most experienced expert witnesses in the disaster insurance industry. He is used in State and Federal Courts by restoration companies, insurance companies, and insureds. Jim just calls it how he sees it, no matter which side he is representing


Hands on training and workshops in a variety of disaster response and restoration subjects.

Jim Thompson consults with restoration firms about large
commercial-industrial restoration projects.

Jim Thompson is interviewing select qualified restoration firms who want to be able to handle major fire and water damage losses in their area and region. No 800 lb Gorillas.

With restoration firms, we show you and your staff how to set up and handle major losses not just give “advice” or “Coach”.

On large commercial and industrial losses Jim Thompson has “been there and done that” in person, from Kodiak, Alaska to San Juan, P.R. and most places in between.